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We aim to enhance Life using Technology and Innovation
EcoSmart aims to reduce unnecessary electricity usage by having different power saving modes like, light based, presence based and time based scheduling for on/off control of streetlights. Higer variants integrate Wireless control and data aquisition for maintenance in case of large organizations.
Saisha brings the power of all your Home appliances into your hand. It also improves the security and helps manage the energy consumption of each appliance.

We offer Home Automation Solutions tailored to your interests and needs.

Secu Wear is a standalone wearable device which monitors your vitals, air quality, physical impacts and in case of accidents notifies your loved ones and alerts the emergency services, keeping you safe.

Product in Research & Development
SemiFinalist in TI IICDC 2016

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We aim to enhance Life using Technology

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We undertake the task of your idea into reality, tailored to you.

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