EcoSmart aims to reduce unnecessary electricity usage of street lighting by having different power saving modes like, light based, presence based and time based scheduling for on/off control. In addition, individual control of lights is possible with this product. It also comes with failsafe mode, which will take care of light in the event of system failure. We Also have some advanced features about which you can read below.

Power Saving

Controls the lighting systems based on the ambient light and motion. EcoSmart adjusts the brightness of the lights.

Wireless Control

Control a fleet of lights from a dashboard individually or with custom modes and analytics.

Traffic managment

Real time motion data from roads and Data Analytics can provide accurate traffic data for Ambulance routing, reducing pollution, waiting time and driving stress.

Detection & Prediction

We can not only detect faulty lights but also predict faults and lifetime of lights. Poles which are weak due to corrosion can also be detected.


EcoSmart has a feature of scheduling the time at which the lights should be turn on/off.

High Load Capacity

EcoSmart can support any type of load and maximum of 800W.


EcoSmart is available in three variants that can be used for residential and organizational purposes. The available variants with their features are listed below.




Day Night Switch
Motion Sensing
Wireless Control
Detection & prediction
Traffic Managment