SecuWear is a standalone wearable band, which can monitor user’s vitals, Air Quality, Physical impacts and quickly respond to any accidents by notifying their loved ones and alert the emergency services for a swift action hence help saving valuable lives.

Health Monitoring

As it is of great concern to have a constant watch over elderly people and especially those with heart ailments, we will include a heart rate monitor which will also detect anomalies in heart beat i.e. Arrhythmia and few more. We will include sensors to measure oxygen content in blood and body temperature for a constant monitoring of people requiring special attention.

Environmental Monitoring

Every day we go around various places and various environmental parameters change constantly. We will incorporate sensors that can measure the surrounding temperature, air quality and also detect the location of the user. These parameters can be used to keep a watch on loved ones whenever in situations of children.

Accident Detection

With the use of inertial sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, sudden movements or freefall can be detected and using the heart rate obtained the condition of the person can be assessed. In case of fire accidents, environmental sensors will detect the content of carbon monoxide, CO2 and temperature, and their location will be reported immediately to their loved ones.

Emergency Services

Combining all the obtained data obtained, when any serious condition is detected, information about their location and condition will be relayed to emergency services such as Fire, Health and Police based on the type of condition de tected and also to their loved ones.

Secu Wear is feasible and useful product as security and helath monitoring are major aspects which need to be constantly monitored.

Dr.Susmita Das, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Rourkela

Secu Wear is a very unique idea which is useful for patients in case of emergency situations.