We aim to build a network of Smart Valves and devices that can help tackle the water security problem. The data from the devices can not only help reduce pollution but the devices will also help reduce a lot of manhours and resources spent by canal management companies and Effluent treatment plants. Leakage location feature would be very useful and resource-conserving for pipeline maintenance and repair while reducing water wastage.

Remote Flow Managment

Remote Flow Control & Metering without costly PLC or SCADA systems. Save crucial man-hours and resources.

Quality Control

Stop or redirect flow based on quality of the water based on parameters like pH, Chlorine, TDS, COD etc.

Leakage Location

Users will be alerted of any leakage which is very useful and resource-conserving for pipeline maintenance and repair.

Wireless Interlocking

Interconnect pumps, tanks & valves wirelessly to build automated control process which helps reduce burden on workforce.


Operation Reports for easy compliance with PCB for industries and billing useful for streamlined usage and billing for buildings.


Multiple connectivity options like GPRS, Ethernet, LoRa, BT & WiFi. Faster update deployments with FOTA (remote firmware update).

Range of Valves

Type: Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe
Size: 1/4" to 10" inch
MoC: PP | PVC | HDPE | MS | CI | SS Optional IP65 rating.

Web Application

Responsive web app to support seamless usage across all screens & devices, desktop, android or iOS. Secured with AES/SSL encryption.


Sewage Discharge Managment

Public Water Distribution

Residential Water Management